A glimpse of the most popular casino games

. Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic and timeless game that is thought to be established in the 16th century and the famous author Cervantes spoke of it in a work of his way back in 1601. You can’t go over 21 in the game when going head-to-head with the dealer and if they turn up an Ace the odds of you winning are not good, to say the least.

. Slots

There is no classic casino game that has taken it a step further with modern technology than slots. Since its origins in 1887 there are tons of tiles for the game that is thought to be invented by Charles August Fey.

There are tons of players playing slots online these days and operators look to get their attention in the vast market for the game. You have to check out the progressive jackpots in slots where you can really rake it in by hitting that type of jackpot when playing the popular game, which can be played for free or for money at most legitimate online casinos.

. Roulette

The game of roulette goes hand-in-hand with the elite gamblers of old and new. The French lay claim to originating the game, but China and Rome, in its heyday, also lay claim to the game. The celebrities in film, such as James Bond, playing the game are endless and in pop culture there are many references to the popular table game. The wheel spins and there is no lack of excitement waiting on the ball to see what lucky number it will land on.

. Video Poker
Video Poker

Gambling games are aplenty, but none are so popular as poker and do you know how to play? That is a good question for players of the game where the origins are not clear. It was thought to come about in America around the turn of the 18th century.

The poker bluff is the infamous aspect of the game and you have to make your advisory think your hand is better than theirs so they can lay it down and you rake in the money. If you are good at telling little while lies than the bluff is just for you when it comes to poker.

. Baccarat

This classic game comes from France and it is James Bond’s game of choice. You have to come as close to 9 as possible with rules going along with the game.

These games are in films and have tons of video tutorials on them and with good reason since they are the most popular gambling games the world over.

There's no doubt about the French origin on this one! Ian Fleming, our beloved 007 films writer, helped this card game gain success by including it on his movies. It is all about getting as close to 9 as you can, under specific rules. Beat the house on any of these gambling games!

. Craps

Craps is not the easiest game to learn how to play, but it has the best odds for you to beat the casino in terms of table gambling games. It is very popular in pop culture as well and blowing on the thrown dice has been seen all the time in film and TV. You have to know the odds of the game of the craps and how to play it to be successful in the game.

In terms of playing games online whether it be for real green or for free, there are casino games that have stayed relevant even with the advent of modern technology. They have been featured in films and books and on TV and here we we will check out the most popular casino games out there.