The privacy policy

Even though our company does not have games to play for real money we do have a privacy policy in place in order to make out players feel comfortable. You should be aware that this is neither a gambling website and it is also not an Internet casino.

Be aware that we are not an affiliate with online casinos or casino operators. The reviews that we offer, in terms of guides for gambling strategies, how online casinos operate, or information on bonuses and promotions are purely for purposes where you can gain the best info possible and nothing else.

Regarding tour personal information, we have security issues in place. The personal info you give is totally safe and secure and on our secures servers. That information will not be shared with anyone without your say so. Cookies are used so you can have a great gambling experience; On our website, you will see various strategies, and wagering strategies, for a fun and exciting experience that is purely for recreation. We are not on the hook for a loss that you have when you play even though you may follow our useful tips we offer.

Bonuses and promotions that you will read about in the reviews that we offer will have terms as well as conditions. This is the case when you claim those bonuses or when playing for money. Often times, this will also deal with rollovers as well as wagering conditions, which are your full responsibility.

Considering that the game we offer are not for real money there is no customer support when it deals with getting bonuses relating to them as well as other offers and promotions. This is the case even if those are talked about on our site, We strongly suggest you to check out the online casino’s webpage pertaining to the aforementioned info.

Terms and conditions pertaining to online casinos change often and, many times, without notice. Because of this it is advantageous that you look for updates.